We're Hiring!
We're Hiring!
We're Hiring!

Who Are We?

Capital Music Therapy Services, LLC is the largest music therapy private practice in the Washington D.C. area.
5 professional board-certified music therapists
1 technology and infrastructure manager
40+ years of combined experience

Where are We Located?

Fairfax Clinic

11150 Fairfax Boulevard, Suite 500
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Community-Based Music Therapy

We offer music therapy services to groups of individuals located within assisted living homes, memory care facilities, adult day programs, schools, respite homes, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and community centers.


Josh Schrader is an amazing teacher as well as music therapist. His teaching methods (singing his lessons, rather than rote memorization, since our son does not read) have provided an alternative learning process to traditional schooling for our son as they have supplemented his school courses. Josh has provided patient, kind, knowledgeable and caring services for the past three years as our son has progressed in school with his speech and literacy/number recognition. Fairfax, Virginia, located in Northern Virginia
I just had to let you know...my daughter came downstairs this morning and started playing a tune of four notes on the piano. I think it is what you were doing yesterday. At first, I thought it was my other daughter...she kept playing them over and over and it sounded so pretty. She stuck with it for about 10min...then she tried the guitar! I think she is hooked. Montgomery County, Maryland
I just wanted to thank you for the new world of appreciation you introduced to our son, Jojo. He began music therapy in the fall of 2013. Not too long ago, I was very surprised to hear him "singing" along with a song playing on the radio. Being a non-verbal teenager, it was nothing short of a miraculous event. He always loved listening to music, but now, thanks to music therapy, we can finally say that he also enjoys making music. Thank you so much for opening a new world for him. Washington, D.C.

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